Our Story

Swell Joe Coffee

Freshly roasted at the beach

At Swell Joe we believe that your cup of coffee should be as reliable as the tides. We strive to bring freshness and great taste to the rhythms of your day, and we share your local pride and connection to the coast.

Our Story

There are some things that connect us all, and those who live on the coast perhaps share a deeper understanding of this; so much of our connection and energy come from the winds, tides, and swells, and from each other. So it was no surprise that Dave and Drew, whose connections include: teaching, coaching, eating, laughing, and surfing, found something they could join forces on that would serve their community and their own senses of adventure.

Dave started Surf Bagel in 2003, and with his brother, Tommy, and their wives, Sharon and Liz, they have built a local favorite, known for serving the best bagels and sandwiches around, and for cultivating a fun-loving, food-loving, and people-loving vibe. The next step just felt natural. If you’re serving the freshest bagels in town, roast and brew the freshest, best tasting coffee possible.

Enter Drew and his wife Karen. Starting with the purchase of The Deidrich-brand coffee roaster, respected as one of the finest machines in the industry, Dave and Drew began their quest to bring fresh, home grown (at least home-roasted) coffee to town. After picking the brains of several coffee experts, locally and beyond, the next critical step was picking the beans. This was followed by a necessary phase of experimentation – equal parts art and science. Now we are proud to bring total stoke to area coffee lovers.

Each day we strive to strengthen our connections with people and things around us, and we embrace the tremendous potential for doing this through a swell cup of joe.